How to Cheat in Empires & Puzzles

Last updated on September 01, 2021

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Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match-3 is a fast paced new take on the famous match-3 puzzle games. It combines RPG elements such as raids, constructing and upgrading buildings, as well as epic PvP and PvM duels. In this article we aim to cover how to cheat/hack in 2021 using a bot in Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3. Players will quickly find that certain elements of the game are quite repetitive which makes it a great candidate for cheating using a bot. In brief, a bot (short for robot), is a piece of automation software that can play Empires & Puzzles for you 24/7—we will get back to this later on.

Fake Gold Generators, Surveys, and "Human Verifications"

When it comes to cheating in Empires & Puzzles there are many misconceptions and lies out there. For example, looking up "how to hack in Empires & Puzzles" on Google will present you with an ocean of websites claiming to be able to generate free unlimited gems, resources, or the like for you. These are all fake. What they promise to do is quite simply impossible; Empires & Puzzles is a server-side game, i.e. a game where the makers, Small Giant Games, store all important account information on their servers/computers rather than your iOS/Android phone. This is the same reason that modded Empires & Puzzles APKs are fake.

The only real way to cheat is by using a Empires & Puzzles bot.

You should save yourself the trouble of trying a fake Empires & Puzzles hack like the screenshot from a YouTube video below:

Fake gems hack

The makers will either lure you into completing meaningless surveys (which in the end require "human verification") or steal sensitive information such as your game account credentials.

What is a Empires & Puzzles bot?

A bot/macro can save you both time and money, here's how: A Empires & Puzzles Bot can, as briefly mentioned in the introduction, do all activities that a human can in Empires & Puzzles—with the added benefit of it being able to auto play them 24/7. Our bot supports a wide variety of in-game activities: watching ads for free gems, raiding players, upgrading buildings, training troops, raiding provinces, collecting resources etc. With it, you can progress in-game without putting in the effort, time, or money otherwise required: who needs in-game purchases and micro-transactions?

An Empires & Puzzles hack

If you are interested in seeing an early version of our bot in action we have a video showcasing some of its features such as watching ads for free gems and raiding players.

Downloading a Empires & Puzzles bot

Our Empires & Puzzles bot can be downloaded and tested for free on our website. In order to use it on your PC you must first install an Android emulator such as MEmu, LDPlayer, or NoxPlayer. We highly recommend using MEmu for the time being. If you are interested we have an in-depth guide with pictures on how to configure your bot.

That's it for how to hack/cheat in Empires & Puzzles 2021. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for reading!