How to Cheat in Game of Thrones Conquest

Last updated on September 01, 2021

Game of Thrones: Conquest is based on HBO's award-winning Game of Thrones series and allows the player to become a Lord in Westeros and fight to claim The Iron Throne. Westeros is at war, great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm.

In this guide, we will cover how to cheat in GoT: Conquest as well as outline the most common misconceptions and lies about hacking in Game of Thrones. Conquering the Seven Kingdoms is a tremendous undertaking, but fear not, SkyBots' dedicated Game of Thrones Bot is up for the task, ready to assist in your crusade.

Misconceptions and Lies

The most common lie/scam within the GoT scene is perhaps the infamous gold generators, or resource generators, commonly referred to as gold hacks. Illegitimate websites will claim to generate gold or other resources for your account, typically on the premise that you complete a seemingly innocous survey. However, any such sites have no intentions of ever giving you the gold. In fact, even if they wanted to, it would not be possible. The reason is that all game account information—including the amount of gold, stone, iron etc. on your account—is stored server-side. This means that it is impossible to access for anyone but the game developers. Sites requiring you to give up your login information are even more problematic as they steal your account(s). So what actually works? Simple. The only working cheat for GoT: Conquest is a bot/macro.

What is a GoT: Conquest Bot?

A GoT bot, short for robot, is a piece of automation software that can play the game for you—ANY action you can make in-game, the bot can make for you. The difference, of course, is that the bot does not need to sleep, eat, or otherwise take breaks—and it can manage many farming accounts at once.

What do we offer?

Automate the tedious kingdom management, resource collection, resource gathering, troop training, and building upgrading with GoTBot. Have SkyBots do the work on your PC overnight, allowing you to reap the benefits the following day and continue your advancements. GoTBot will help you hatch your dragon egg and grow your own dragons. We are continuously pushing new features to give you more power and free your time to do what you actually want: Rule the Seven Kingdoms; both alone and with your alliance.

If you are interested we have a guide explaining how to install a GoT Bot with pictures in less than two minutes. SkyBots supports all your favourite Android emulators but we highly recommend using MEmu. We have a separate guide on how to install MEmu.