How to Install LDPlayer

1. Download LDPlayer

LDPlayer can be downloaded directly from their website for free.

Downloading LDPlayer

Depending on your Internet connection this will take a few minutes.

2. Follow the installation wizard

Click Install and follow the installation wizard accordingly.

Installing LDPlayer

3. Setup LDPlayer with your Google account

Open LDPlayer and sign in using your desired Google-account. Optionally you may open Google Play Store and download the games you wish manually, however, SkyBots will do this automatically if you don't want to.

4. Configure LDPlayer

Once you have downloaded and installed the games you want to bot, you need to ensure that LDPlayer is configured correctly. Open Settings and click the Advanced tab.

Configuring LDPlayer

Please ensure that your settings match the ones shown below. Depending on your computer, other settings might be better, and we encourage you to experiment if you experience issues with this configuration.

LDPlayer Settings

At this point you are ready to launch SkyBots and get botting!